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Give the talent a chance!

Join in with the new “sponsorship model of the Alpha Club!”

Be part of the team! Join the management of talents of the Alpha Academy, donate you time your professional knowledge and/or skills. Accept a mentorship of a particular gifted or gifted, all ages are welcome. Next >>

This is an opportunity!

Talented and (High) gifted are looking for sponsor/mentors!

Alone or in a group! Take part in active mentoring program!

The mentor program is aimed at all people who have already achieved something in their lives and to those who want to achieve something. All our future lies in the education of our children or all of the younger generation. In particular, the training of particular gifted and talented children and youth.

Our teachers and schools take care of the necessary basic training. Who does not match the average…well, they have little chance.

But not all kids stand a chance in schools and teachers even with the best of intentions and with the utmost attention. Especially the less gifted and the talented and especially cannot be effectively promoted enough

Each child should be encouraged and challenged in school according to his abilities. Children with above-average performance suffer if continuously underuse of mentally and physically will become ill. Thus, children from financially bad off families realize their potential and be able to use, which takes resources from the public and private sectors.

Would you like to play an instrument? Do something for animals, research or organized something for a better environment?

Financially it will perhaps be impossible ... but now there is the internet, and therefore the connection to the outside world and the people who are willing to share to help other people a start to a better future with knowledge, connections and finances.

Alone or in a group? Take part in active mentoring program!

Mentors can apply for a highly gifted or for more gifted.

The mentoring can take place not only financially. Dissemination of valuable personal professional knowledge. Especially the experience and the knowledge built up over decades of professional seniors is of inestimable value.

The exchange takes place with the gifted and the parents and / or teachers in the form of an e-mail information or online chats instead, depending on what the mentor.

A mentor program or even a "sponsorship pool" may be held financially or with professional knowledge

Who has professional knowledge through his profession or studies, is welcome and even would like to teach gifted learners is welcome. Lessons can take place online or by arrangement with the Guardian or Parent and the selected gifted person.

There is the opportunity to connect with like-minded and interested mentors.

Sponsorship for a specific donation project

Also give you individual opportunities and help! As a sponsor you can make donations to a concrete project and support it as a sponsor! They give young people new opportunities and support them on their way in the future.

Here are some suggestions on how you can support us in concrete terms:

A one-time donation. Any amount is welcome and flows into the central program budget.

Regular donations (small amounts!) Help us to plan long-term and working

They propose a family, a school or a particular class - and specify that your donation is to be used only for this group. You can donate the full amount - or it found several people who want to support this group.

Become a supporting member

Give the long term. This grows opportunities. Whether family, medium-sized company or large corporation - particularly the social commitment of companies can make a difference. If you also want to support the potential of the young gifted and save for the future, promote talent and skills. Especially with children, young people around the existing talents to build and promote. Your donation is tax-free, as well as assisting with the Foundation for Gifted Children, a non-profit organization now inform

We give young people new opportunities and support them on their way in the future. Also give you individual opportunities and help! We are more than ever dependent on the help of companies and individuals.

Also on tips and hints we are very pleased. Are there shops in which you are particularly happy customer and that you can recommend? Do you have ideas that could facilitate our search for sponsors?

All mentors (high) gifted and very talented all ages and places of residence domestic and abroad are welcome.

Parents, teachers, school psychologists, universities, researchers, artists or active seniors can announce themselves to the Alpha Club to themselves and / or the gifted for the program to register. A short email will suffice. Organize /sponsor a charity event

We invite you to make a specific donation project to a project and to support it as a sponsor. By becoming a sponsor companies or individuals can help and support active concretely in their own environment. Expand your networks you are Alpha Club Partners Get the benefits of ABC - Ambassadors, other information

Donation receipt:

Donations to the club are tax deductible. You receive online from us automatically receive a donation confirmation sent when we have your complete address. Even with donations we can issue a donation receipt for the value of the donated item. For donations over 120, - Euro you get t a one-year membership in international Apex Business Club, inform Now

Organise / Sponsor a charity event.

Expand your networks, and get all the benefits of the Alpha Club and the ABC- Ambassadors, more >>

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Thank you for your assistance.

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