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Promoting education,testing and gifted education.

The Alpha Club (launched by the Alpha Academy) promotes extraordinary gifted and talented. The local, national and international club network organises worldwide events, conferences, seminars, joint online and on-site and competitors that represents the interests of the gifted, the talented and their parents.

The Membership is by invitation only.

The Alpha Club holds the idea of “Membership by Invitation Only.” This means that every new Member who joins the Club must be invited by an existing member. The membership is free of charge and without any obligations. Applications for membership without an invitation to be decided by the Council Chairman of each country.

Requirements include compliance with minimum one of the following criteria: Log in Register Now:>>

  • Completed at least one study
  • Outstanding talent or ability in Sport, Art, Music or in another area of interest.
  • An already completed IQ test which would have to be more than average of the Home country.
  • Children and young people with special talents in linguistic, mathematical , athletic or artistic fields

Benefits of Alpha Club membership >>

IQ - tests, a subject for itself >>

Tests are a crucial criterion future especially for the most highly sensitive gifted. Alpha Club offers only tests that have proven successful for years. Scored online test results will not be accepted, online tests only partially point out any talent or talents. The tests offered are only held with selected psychologists, school psychologists and / or experts in the field concerned .Only the following tests where successfully end the following IQ tests:

Intelligence Tests >>

  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence Children aged 3-7 years
  • Wechsler Intelligence Test for Adults (AS)
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and young people from 6-17 years (WISC-IV, formerly HAWIK IV)
  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence - German version (WPPSI-III, formerly HAWIVA)
  • Intelligence Structure Test (IST)
  • Berlin Intelligence Structure Test (BIS-4) and Berlin intelligence structure test for adolescents: the gifted and giftedness diagnosis (BIS-HB)
  • Cognitive ability test (KFT)
  • Analytical intelligence test (AIT); by R. Meili
  • Stanford-Binet intelligence test;
  • Binet-Simon test
  • Raven's Progressive Matrices of Raven

There are a number of conditions that if they are ignored it leads to intuitively incorrect results in IQ tests. For Example: Language IQ tests about presuppose that the person the language well controlled, in which the questions are presented: children of certain groups of foreign workers and immigrants often cut off badly.

Non-Linguistic intelligence tests >>

  • SPM (Raven Standard Progressive Matrices, see. Raven's Progressive Matrices)
  • Snijders-Oomen Non-verbal intelligence test (SON)
  • Culture Fair Intelligence Test (CFIT) (or in German-speaking Culture Fair Test CFT).
  • The SON-R 5 1 / 2-17 and the Bochum Matrices (BOMAT)
  • Minnesota Mechanical Assembly Test:
  • The Minnesota test for mechanical assembly (Minnesota Mechanical Assembly Test). This test is particularly suited to test mechanical skills.

Quality criteria of the tests >>

Giftedness is a well above average intellectual ability of a person. In psychology this is defined differently by different models. In general, it is assumed that there is a general factor of intelligence ("g"). The construct 'giftedness' assumes that there are quantitative differences in their intellectual abilities between people and that it is also possible to classify people in terms of their intellectual abilities in different groups. As a highly gifted refers people whose test result of at least two standard deviations in a standardized intelligence test on the mean of all those tested; Gifted are therefore rare by definition. Since intelligence tests (due to different tasks) are not perfectly correlated, there may well be people who are gifted measured on an intelligence test and measured on a not others. Source: Wikipedia

A more recent approach to determine a general factor of intelligence is the short memory. Thereafter, the intelligence depends on the speed of information processing and memory span. Source: Wikipedia

The use of intelligence tests in the selection of applicants, should always be supervised by a graduate psychologist, otherwise the process can be challenged

According to the promotion of intelligence and talent in the immediate vicinity of gifted intelligence test may have different results after some time. The Flynn effect is largely attributed to the improvement of environmental conditions, such. As education, nutrition, health care and mass media. Flynn) was based on test results from 14 industrial nations, that the increases in IQ scores 5-25 points per generation were. In other studies found Flynn that the increase in test scores occurred over time, especially in nonverbal, culturally reduced tests. More: The Flynn effect

Intelligence tests must be verified at regular intervals as the average measured intelligence changed over time. In 2012, the test results of women were - at least in some countries - for the first time just over the results of the men (IQ values from 100.5 to 101.5 in the Ravens Matrices.)

IQ tests, talent recognition takes place locally. Click here for an appointment to registration Log in Free Registration:>>

Average Top 20 IQ of countries around the world >>

Average Top 20 IQ of countries around the world
  1. Hong Kong: 107
  2. South Korea: 106
  3. Japan: 105
  4. Taiwan: 104
  5. Singapore: 103
  6. Austria: 102
  7. Germany: 102
  8. Italy: 102
  9. Netherlands: 102
  10. Sweden: 101
  11. Switzerland: 101
  12. Belgium: 100
  13. China: 100
  14. New Zealand: 100
  15. United Kingdom: 100
  16. Hungary: 99
  17. Poland: 99
  18. Spain: 99
  19. Australia: 98
  20. Denmark: 98

On the basis of IQ tests that have been carried out in the last century, published Richard Lynn and TatuVanhanen (2002) for the first time a worldwide compilation of IQ averages in many countries [1]. Then follow below in the list behind the data of bovine Man (2007), in brackets then the PISA values of "mathematical competence" in 2003 and 2006. IQ of peoples

IQ US States >>

  1. Massachusetts: 104.3
  2. New Hampshire: 104.2
  3. North Dakota: 103.8
  4. Vermont: 103.8
  5. Minnesota: 103.7
  6. Maine: 103.4
  7. Montana: 103.4
  8. Iowa: 103.2
  9. Connecticut: 103.1
  10. Wisconsin: 102.9
  11. Kansas: 102.8
  12. New Jersey: 102.8
  13. South Dakota: 102.8
  14. Wyoming: 102.4
  15. Nebraska: 102.3
  16. Virginia: 101.9
  17. Washington: 101.9
  18. Ohio: 101.8
  19. Indiana: 101.7
  20. Colorado: 101.6
  21. Pennsylvania: 101.5
  22. Idaho: 101.4
  23. Oregon: 101.2
  24. Utah: 101.1
  25. Missouri: 101
  26. New York: 100.7
  27. Michigan: 100.5
  28. Delaware: 100.4
  29. N. Carolina: 100.2
  30. Texas: 100
  31. Illinois: 99.9
  32. Maryland: 99.7
  33. Rhode Island: 99.5
  34. Kentucky: 99.4
  35. Oklahoma: 99.3
  36. Alaska: 99
  37. W. Virginia: 98.7
  38. Florida: 98.4
  39. S. Carolina: 98.4
  40. Georgia: 98
  41. Tennessee: 97.7
  42. Arkansas: 97.5
  43. Arizona: 97.4
  44. Nevada: 96.5
  45. Alabama: 95.7
  46. New Mexico: 95.7
  47. Hawaii: 95.6
  48. California: 95.5
  49. Louisiana: 95.3
  50. Mississippi: 94.2